About Inner Princess

Girls ages eight to fourteen are in for a life-changing adventure when they attend Inner Princess!

Making friends, staying in school, and learning to make right choices are just a few of the challenges facing young girls today. Surrounded by a world that claims you need to be popular and pretty to have success, Inner Princess’s goal is to encourage girls to pursue a daily relationship with their Creator, help them realize their beauty and worth in His eyes, and give them practical tools on how to find God’s amazing plan for their lives as they travel through life’s journey!

Inner Princess

We go beyond the fairy tales to discover what it means to be a TRUE princess and daughter of the King of Kings. Topics include lessons in true beauty, standing alone, making Jesus your best friend, making wise choices and many more.

Lessons are broken up by team discussions and projects that help make the concepts personal, practical and FUN!

Contact Inner Princess to find out how you can bring this two-day event packed with songs, crafts, skits and games just for girls to your church or homeschool group!